Mountain Bound

We’re back on the highway in a couple of hours heading towards Fernie. We’ll be playing The Central. The Fernie Chamber of Commerce describes it as:

This renovated, 100 year old, budget -style hotel offers a great atmosphere for the savvy traveler.

Sort of. We’ve known it as a music venue. First as The Central, then it was A Bar Named Sue – Fernie Edition, and now it’s back to being The Central again. Circle of life. We can’t wait to see if anything’s changed intside.

In our experience Fernie’s been more rough and tumble to play than expected. As you might assume, in the winter it’s a rad party and ski destination overrun with tourists and Aussies. But during the in-between summer months there’s an element of crazy from the drug addled rednecks and hippies who’ve stuck it out. So if you fall into either of those categories and want to avoid a boot to the ass or a deathgrip to the throat please consider the following rules:

  1. Do not steal a band member’s cell phone. We have ways of hunting you down and we will get it back at the gas station. Again.
  2. Do not steal a band member’s beer from the stage. We will jump off stage and take it back with a baby shake for good measure.

By “we” I mean “Scott.”

There are new show dates listed for your enjoyment. See yah there.

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The Central
Fernie – 9PM
Waterton Lakes Opera House
Waterton, AB
Waterton Lakes Opera House
Waterton, AB
The Distillery Rock n’ Roll Ballroom
Calgary, AB
The Ship & Anchor
vs. Chron Goblin – Calgary, AB – [event]
FYI – Not Available
Recording – Nanton, AB
Wunderbar Hofbrauhaus
Edmonton, AB – 9PM
Broken City
Calgary, AB – 9PM
Mikey’s Juke Joint
Calgary, AB – 9PM – Pre-Halloween
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